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Learn At Your Convenience

We offer DAY and NIGHT Classes to suit all of our students.

Day Classes- 8:30am to 5:00pm

Night Classes- 6:00pm to 10:00pm

SHB Scholarship

First 20 Students to Apply and Get Accepted are eligible to receive the SHB Scholarship

Preparing You for Greatness

We pride ourselves in educating our students with the notion that working diligently is an integral part of success.

Soar Like an Eagle

Flying above and beyond will ensure you that you will reach your peak performance.




With 1500 credit hours of learning, this course will teach you how to design, cut, color, and prepare you for the State Board Exam.

$2000 Deposit Required




450 credit hours worth of education on proper skincare and identification of skin issues.

Day Classes Only

$1500 Deposit Required


Nail Polish

Nail Tech

Our Nail Tech Course offers 300 credit hours of education on nail shapes, coating, hygiene tips, and more.

*Daytime Classes available, night-time coming soon

$1000 Deposit Required


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