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Meet The Owner!

Dr., Shaneka Hammond Brown, affectionately known as SHB, is the owner of the
SHB International Hair Academy, a licensed cosmetology instructor, a
cosmetologist, coach, and owner of the SHB product line which consists of
shampoo, conditioner, and oil sheen.


In 2012, SHB created the SHB International Hair Show & Expo, LLC. This two day
show provided a stage for professionals to teach, for students and professionals
to showcase their talents, as well as network. The event was packed with
entertainment, training, excitement, and fun!


SHB has been in the Hair Industry for 20+ years and has mentored hundreds. So it
only seemed fitting to open the SHB International Hair Academy in 2019.
Since the opening, the SHB International Hair Academy’s students have had a one
hundred percent pass rate with the South Carolina State Board. Students are
graduating from the academy and successfully becoming licensed nail
technicians, estheticians, and cosmetologists.


SHB’s professional resume also includes being a highly respected Motivational/
Educational Speaker for cosmetologists and others in the hair industry, she’s an
active member of the Advisory Committee Board of Horry Georgetown Technical
College for Cosmetologist, she’s a mentor to countless stylists, and an Educator at
the Bronner Brother’s Atlanta Hair Show.


In 2019, the SHB Cosmetology Association was created for beauty professionals
to receive their CEU hours along with top quality education.
In 2022, SHB, received her Doctorate degree from the School of the Great
Commission Bible College.

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