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About SHB International Hair Academy

The staff is dedicated to the hair industry profession and the students attending the Academy. The staff believes in the potential of the attending students and will strive to motivate, teach, and train the students to become professional in the hair industry. Our quality education system includes a great curriculum, outstanding facility, and experienced instructors.


The students will be prepared to be employed in the job market within their chosen field of study. Students will complete all required theory, practical work, and contact hours. The students will be instructed on importance of courtesy and professionalism being the foundation for a successful career in the hair industry.


As a student enrolled at the SHB International Hair Academy, you will be highly accomplished and creative, prepared and well equipped; because we will provide you with all of the training and equipment necessary to begin your career. SHB EAGLES...WE SOAR HIGH!!!

Learn How to Be a Beauty Professional Today

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